Friday, May 29, 2009

My Girls

Hannah and Brooke had their check-ups this week...with a lot of shots! Brooke had three, and Hannah had FOUR! Poor babies. Hannah cried her little eyes out for about 2 minutes. Our big girl Brooke, who usually is such a drama queen and was nervous and dreading her shots, did not cry! I was so proud of her! I told her "when I have to get a shot, and I hate them too, I just start talking about something to the nurse and try not to pay attention to what she is doing." So I told her to tell Nurse Michelle about our vacation...and with a deep breath she started telling the nurse about our trip, whimpered a little as the first set went in, and kept right on talking. That girl has a lot of her mommy in her :) They did the second set, and then they were done and Brooke was so proud of herself and so were we!!! The nurses loaded them up with prizes; Hannah got a rubber ducky, Brooke got 3 tokens for the treat machine, some candy, and two kids-meal gift certificates to Carlos O Kelly's!

Hannah weighed in at 20 lbs, 8oz; and was 28 inches tall. She is barely in the fifth percentile for height and weight. She is a little munchkin! The doctor was impressed with her though, because she is very skillful in her walking, maneuvering, etc. He was also impressed that she not only recognized several words, but she would follow simple commands like "shut the door" "go get your shoes" "go find your baby." She is not as talkative as Brooke was at this age, but she's far more mobile. (Brooke wasn't even walking yet at this point). I'm thinking the talking part is that 65% of the time she has a paci in her mouth. She really goes to town on it when she's teething...I'm hoping after she gets a few more through we can start getting her to not have it so often.

Hannah LOVES the water. She loved the beach. She loves the pool. She loves the bathtub. She loves playing in a bucket of water in the backyard. She loves the sprinkler. The other night we were outside playing and the neighbor was testing his sprinklers. Hannah took off across the yard to go play in them. It was so cute:

Brooke weighed in at 46 pounds and was 45.5 inches tall. She is in the 95th percentile for height and 90th for weight... so she's tall and lean! I wonder if they will both average out at some point or if Brooke will always be tall and Hannah will be short? We took Brooke to visit the elementary school she'll be at in the fall. They gave us a little tour, and I think it was good for her to see everything. I found myself tearing up a time or two. As much as she gives me a run for my money, I know that having her in all day kg is going to be hard next year and I'm going to be a wreck on the first day of school! Dr. Joe thought she had a wonderful personality and was a great kid. He said she was personable, friendly, talkative, and warm and that we'd clearly done a great job with her. Brooke, when she's in the right mood, is such a little picture poser; Check these out!

I better get my day moving. I was just looking at pictures this morning and thought these would be cute to post! Have a great weekend!

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