Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First day of school

I have been waiting for the first day of school post until Hannah started preschool.
Brooke started 3rd grade on August 15th. She's getting to the 'please quit taking pictures of everything' stage. Well, that is one battle she shan't be winning :)

This is the first time that I haven't walked her into her class, gotten a pic with the teacher, etc. My first-day picture mojo is all screwed up now. They lined up in the hallway and all went into the classroom together, so it just didn't work out. Here's Mrs. Kipp, her teacher. Notice how Brooke is the tallest one in the class. Still.

Today, the munchkin started Pre-Kindergarten. My last first day of preschool moment. As Matt and I drove away from the school I said, "Well! It's time for another baby!".
I'm not sure how much he agreed with that thought (and it's not gonna happen anyhow), but it was for sure a bittersweet moment.
I can tell you now, that taking this one to all-day kindergarten next year is going to TEAR ME UP.

With one of her three teachers, Mrs. Patti. Who is like, theeeee greatest preschool teacher in town.

And Mrs. Tara, another superfab teacher of hers.

These little girls have been BFF's since they were 2 and in Moms Day Out together. They are so precious together!

Another start to the school year in the books. Not in the scrapbooks. That would require me to sit down and scrap. Which hasn't happened for a long time. But maybe, just maybe, I'll get myself in gear one of these days and at least start working on some digital books.
Happy 3rd Grade and Pre-K year girls! The time has gone so fast!

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