Thursday, July 9, 2009

Little Supermodel

Some of you may have seen this on facebook, but I'm blogging about it anyways...

At the pool last week, a lady approached me commenting on how cute Hannah is and her gorgeous eyes. She said she is a photographer and does mostly weddings but is starting to do more babies and is working on a new website. She wanted to know if she could do some pics of Hannah to use on the website.

She was concerned I was going to think she was crazy or that it was a strange request, but I was too busy being flattered and excited about the prospect.

Hannah and I went this morning to do her pictures, she did a great job...well-- as great as a toddler would do!

In return I'm going to be getting a CD with some of the best images so I can get whatever prints I want. In the meantime, she's posted the pics online and here is the link for you to view my little supermodel!

Now if only we could get her college education paid for!

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